Diabetic Diet Food List


The licensed dieticians and doctors advise people who have diabetes to have a check over their diet. One of the best ways to treat diabetes is to maintain a healthy and recommended diabetic diet food list. Therefore if you are diabetic then you have to seek the advice of a licensed dietician for getting a good diabetic diet food list. Also, your work becomes easy under the guidance of a doctor. A diabetic diet food list will differ from one person to the other. Since there are two types of diabetes namely type 1 and type 2, there are different diet plans for both of them. The persons having type 1 diabetes will just have to be careful about their food and take insulin each day. But people having type 2 diabetes will have to reduce their body weight. The following are diabetic diet food plans for type 1 and type 2 diabetic people.

For Type 1

Diabetes, the exact number of carbohydrates and proteins is needed. Due to a number of complications the type1 diabetic persons have to definitely plan a meal in advance. Complications like high blood pressure, kidney failure, and heart diseases are very common for type 1 diabetic patients. These people have to concentrate on eating foods that are low in sodium, fats, and cholesterol. Their meal plan will include foods that are rich in high fiber like leafy vegetables. This will stabilize the glucose level and decrease the blood pressure in the body. For type 2 diabetic patients the first thing is to control the body weight.

For Type 2

Patients’ diabetic diet plan will include foods that are rich in carbohydrates, healthy fats, fatty acids, omega 3 rich fishes and foods high in dietary fiber. They too must strictly ignore foods that have high amounts of cholesterols, sodium and fats. Type 2 diabetic people must never eat food in large quantities, frequent and small meals are recommended. It is because if they eat food in low quantities it becomes much easier to control the glucose levels in the body. Below are the standard diabetic diet food plans for diabetic people. For breakfast, they can have a cup of coffee, half cup of blackberries, one cup of yogurt, and two waffles. For lunch a diet soda, half cup broccoli, twelve crackers and one cup of beans. And for dinner, they can have a hamburger weighing 4 ounces with two tomato slices, lettuce leaves and ketchup.

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