Why a Piercing?


Why do you choose to have a piercing or tattoo? Is it the excitement of the pain, the pleasure of feeling the needle on your skin? For some, yes, but the main reason for such a decision was and still is today to be different from the others. Stand out from the crowd. Some even rave about special sex … Be that as it may, it used to be a specialty that was reserved for seafarers, today teenagers wear piercings and tattoos of all kinds of body parts, which would astonish even die-hard sailors. The punks from England at the end of the 1960s attracted attention in a big way with piercings. They really wanted to distance themselves from the rest of the prudish, boring, stuffy society. Torn pants and shirts were just the beginning. And now body jewelry piercing is simply “normal”. Nobody gets particularly upset about it anymore, unless it is used in an exaggerated way, which one can say about the picture in the introduction. But each his own!

Before you decide on a piercing, you should ask yourself the same questions as with a tattoo. Why do you want this? Is it just to belong somewhere? Specification? Cult? Because a celebrity is wearing a piercing or why do you want a piercing right now? Would you rather try a  fun piercing first  (available from Fun Tattoo)? Or do you want to get a real one right away?

Don’t let anyone persuade you or infect you, no matter which celebrity is wearing what. Even if you see piercings on every channel, with every celebrity and everywhere and over and over again. The piercings can be over very quickly. The advantage over the tattoo, however, is that you can take your piercing out again and the wounds almost heal again – if they are not overstretched. Tattoo removal scarring is also becoming very common and should be kept in sight whenever going for a tattoo.

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