What you missed about the gum diseases

gum diseases

Over the years, the cases of dental complications have increased. Gum disease is a complication characterized by inflammation and bleeding in the gum. This disorder adversely affects oral health with bad breath and teeth loosening. Therefore, an individual with Tomball gum disease should seek necessary treatments. The following is the crucial information concerning gum disease you could be missing;

What are the Causes of Gum diseases?

·         Plaque: It is a thick layer of bacteria that forms on the teeth and gum line, which can develop tartar leading to the disorder.

·         Tobacco: Chewing tobacco limits the gum tissue’s healing capacities, increasing the vulnerability to gum diseases.

·         Crowded teeth: Some individuals have crooked teeth; therefore, reaching the bacteria causing the gum disease is difficult.

·         Genetic factors: individuals in families with a history of gum disease are at risk of developing this condition.

·         Stress: The stressful conditions weaken the immune system implying that the body cannot fight gum infections.

·         Hormonal changes: Individuals having hormonal imbalances risk getting gum inflammations.

What are myths revolving around gum diseases?

The condition has visible symptoms in the early stage

Gum disease occurs when an accumulation of plaque below the gum line leads to inflammation and bleeding. However, during the early stage, those symptoms do not manifest.

Brushing alone can prevent the condition

The first measure to avoid gum disease is brushing; however, this exercise alone cannot stop the bacterial gum infection, implying that even individuals with better oral hygiene can develop the condition.

The condition is not common

Many people ignore gum disease’s severity since they assume it is an uncommon problem. However, the truth is that every individual can get a gum complication, so they should take appropriate measures.

People without cavities have healthy gums

The majority of individuals with no cavities justify themselves as having healthy gum. However, the reality is that individuals can have healthy teeth and still have gum complications.

Gum disease only affects oral health

This condition can have some serious complications in the entire body. Essentially, the pathogens on the affected gum can get into the bloodstream and flow to other body parts such as the heart and colon.

Prevention of gum disease

The following tips can help individuals to reduce the risk of having the condition;

·         Brushing your teeth regularly: Individuals should brush their teeth at least twice daily.

·         Floss your teeth daily: Flossing will help remove the food particles the toothbrush cannot reach.

·         Eat a proper diet: you should increase the intake of fruits and vegetables since they are rich in vitamins that boost gum health.

·         Seek regular dental care: Individuals should seek regular oral checkups that can help identify gum complications at an early stage.

Most individuals have had challenges maintaining good oral hygiene. This instance leads to dental complications such as gum diseases. It is time to seek reliable treatment if you have been experiencing such problems. Russell Family Dentistry has a remedy for your problem. Louis A. Russell, Jr uses his vast experience to provide various treatment methods for gum diseases. Visit the facility today to mark the end of complications.

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