What you could be Missing Concerning the Coronary Artery Disease


Maintaining a healthy heart is crucial for the entire body’s wellness. Notably, the heart is the center of all activities in the body since it governs the operation of the biological processes by pumping blood to different organs. However, some lifestyles and habits can undermine the wellness and operation of the heart, thus interfering with overall health. For instance, some sedentary lifestyles and eating habits can build excessive cholesterol in the blood arteries triggering coronary artery disease Plano. Here is what you missed about coronary artery disease(CAD).

Who can Get this Condition?

The following are the risk factors that can expose an individual in getting this condition;

·         High blood pressure: individuals with high blood pressure experience excessive strain in their hearts which causes CAD.

·         High lipoprotein level: this is a unique fat produced by the liver. However, the higher concentration of these compounds in the body increases the chances of CAD developing.

·         Diabetes: Individuals with diabetes are at risk of CAD due to the thickening of the blood vessels due to blood sugar build-up.

·         Thrombosis: sometimes, a blood clot may occur in the blood arteries and can prevent the blood from flowing to the heart muscles.

·         Genetic factors: if your family has a history of CAD, you are more likely to develop this condition.


Here are the self-care tips that you can adopt to avoid CAD;

Eat a Proper Diet

Whatever you eat can have a greater impact on the maintenance of the wellness of your heart. For example, processed food usually leads to clogging plaques in the artery. Therefore, individuals should replace processed food with a protective diet such as vegetables and fruits.

Exercises Regularly

 Develop an exercise schedule and engage in the exercises that best suit you. For instance, aerobic exercises are vital in strengthening the heart muscles and preventing the build-up of the cholesterol level that could cause higher blood pressure.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking can deteriorate the heart’s functioning by releasing harmful chemicals that destroy the arteries. Therefore, individuals should quit smoking, which would help lower the risk of developing CAD. If you experience difficulty quitting this habit, you should seek medication and rehabilitation services.

Reduce Stress

One of the factors that can hasten heart disease is stressful circumstances. Stressed individuals usually have tension that can damage the artery walls, thus causing CAD. Therefore, individuals should adopt relaxation techniques such as breathing deeply and listening to cool music to reduce stress.

Limit the Alcohol Consumption

A little red wine after a meal can help lower HDL cholesterol. However, the excessive consumption of alcoholic substances can have adverse effects on the heart, such as heart failure attributed to excess blood pressure. Individuals should therefore reduce their intake of alcohol to maintain a healthy heart.

Many people are experiencing heart conditions such as cardiac artery diseases. These conditions are life-threatening, especially when they are left untreated. If you have had such conditions, worry no more since I have good news for you. The Heart and Vascular Care in Plano have been set for people like you. Bhupinder Singh, MD, is an experienced specialist who offers different treatments for heart conditions. Book an online appointment and visit the facility today to receive efficient services.

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