What to Expect in a Mini Face-Lift Surgery


How you look affects your life in different ways, but most importantly, it’s how you feel about your appearance that matters. Your appearance affects your confidence. When you feel good about how you look, you are happier and more confident, but when you don’t, it’s the opposite. This may cause low self-esteem and affect your life in negative ways. Unfortunately, your youthful appearance doesn’t last, and with time you may need to use cosmetic treatments to maintain your appearance. The Scottsdale mini face lift specialist, Dustin Heringer, MD, offers quality and advanced techniques to help improve your appearance. This piece will guide you on how you can benefit from a mini facelift.

What is a Mini Facelift?

It is a non-invasive procedure to rejuvenate your appearance when you have minimal skin concerns on your neck and jowls.

Unlike a traditional face-lift, a mini face-lift focuses on eliminating wrinkles and lifting sagging skin on the areas under your face.

The minimally invasive procedure involves your plastic surgeon making tiny cuts around your ears. A mini face-lift results in minimal scarring, quick recovery, and shorter hospital stay compared with a complete facelift procedure.

What does a Mini Facelift Procedure Involve?

Your provider administers general or local anesthesia to enhance your comfort during the procedure. After the anesthesia settles in, they make small incisions along your hairline and ears.

They lift your skin by pulling it up and they also remove excess tissue. After the procedure, your provider closes the incisions using sutures.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Mini Face-Lift?

You can benefit from a mini face-lift if you want to achieve a natural-looking outcome and have adequate skin elasticity.

Usually, people who seek a mini face-lift are men and women aged between 40 and 50, or sometimes younger, who want to eliminate the early effects of aging. A mini face-lift procedure may also be your ideal solution if you have the following issues.

·         Loosening neck skin

·         Moderate lost facial volume

·         Moderate jowls

·         A desire for a more sculpted jawline

·         Moderate nasolabial folds

·         The desire for minimal downtime

Your Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery provider provides various options to promote your appearance and help you feel your best, despite your age.

What to Expect During Recovery from a Mini Face-Lift?

A mini facelift procedure is minimally invasive; hence, you can expect faster healing. However, you must be a nonsmoker and in good general health. The treatment has minimal downtime, but you may take some time off work to let the swelling and bruising disappear. Your provider gives you instructions to help minimize your side effects, such as redness, pain, or skin sensitivity.

Dr. Heringer also gives you follow-up appointments to track your progress. After healing, they release you to resume your routine activities. A mini face-lift procedure focuses on lifting the lower part of your face. It is effective and safe, providing excellent outcomes. However, if you need more extreme results, you may consider other additional treatments. It’s critical to ensure you are working with a licensed professional for your mini face-lift, to avoid complications and promote a smooth recovery. Call Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation.

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