Understanding Vertiflex Superion

Vertiflex Superion

Have you ever experienced back pain? Approximately everyone has ever suffered from back-related pain. In most instances, this pain is mild or moderate and goes away independently. However, there are instances where this pain is acute and does not go away naturally. For example, you will require treatment if you suffer from spinal stenosis. Vertiflex Superion Austin has been the best method to treat spine-related conditions. Are you considering having Vertiflex Superion? This is the information you should have.

What is Vertiflex Superion?

It is a simple treatment that offers people suffering from back and leg pain related to spinal stenosis a long-term relief. This procedure usually applies a tiny implant that creates a space for the nerves at the back. Approximately 90% of the patients have recovered from indirect spine decompression.

Symptoms that you require the procedure

You should seek Vertiflex if you have these symptoms;

·         If you have leg, buttock, and groin pain

·         If you suffer from reduced endurance when carrying out physical activities

·         If you suffer from numbness on the buttocks, legs, or back

·         If you have pain while walking

·         If you have pain while standing upright

·         Having relief when you sit or maintain a flexed position

Who are the patients who should have the Vertiflex?

The following are the patients who should consider undergoing the procedure.

·         The individuals who want to have a reversible procedure

·         The people who are not ready to have major surgery

·         The person who wants to maintain back could be interfered with through spinal fusion

·         The person who wants to have pain relief and a short recovery time

·         The person does not have pain relief even after taking the OTC medicine, carrying out physical therapy, or having chiropractic treatment

Advantages of Vertiflex

·         In most instances, the patients experience relief after a short while. For example, they have recorded pain relief as fast as one week after the process.

·         Short recovery process. The recovery process of the procedure is usually a few weeks.  

·         It lasts for a long time. If done correctly, the process can offer lifetime pain relief. For example, approximately 90% of the patients have been satisfied with this process after five years.

·         It is an option for major surgeries. Patients who fear other significant surgeries can choose it. For example, it offers all the benefits of laminectomy surgeries despite having few risks.

·         There is minimal blood loss. There is more minimum blood loss than significant surgeries.

·         It reduces infection risks. There are low infections since it is not an open spines surgery.

·         There is no anesthesia. Since the pain of the process is not acute, no anesthesia will be required.

Most people suffering from acute back pain fear having a major surgery because of the pain and the risks associated with it. If you have been suffering from back pain and are not ready to undergo major surgery, Republic Spine & Pain is the best solution. It has a specialist who will perform Vertiflex Superion, helping you get pain relief. Book the appointment today to mark your journey to recovery.

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