Top Benefits of Crowns and Bridges


Crowns and bridges are dental prosthetics that restore the function and appearance of your teeth. A crown is a cap your dentist fixes on an existing tooth or implant. It enhances the strength and structure of a damaged tooth. You may get crowns to replace discolored teeth, prevent decayed or cracked teeth from further damage or strengthen teeth with too many fillings. A bridge is a false tooth with crowns on either side and can be made of porcelain, gold or alloys. It replaces an entirely lost tooth. Crowns & bridges Springfield restore your tooth structure and improve your smile. There are various benefits of crowns and bridges, including:

Aesthetic Functions

Crowns and bridges have an aesthetic benefit. A crown restores the structure and natural shape of your tooth and improves your smile, making it brighter. The ceramic used to make dental crowns are good-looking and can be customized to resemble your neighboring teeth. Lost teeth can make your skin sag, making you look older than your actual age. Dental bridges replace lost teeth, improving your facial look.

They are Durable

Dental crowns and bridges can last for a prolonged period. Compared to other dental restorations, dental crowns are the most durable, lasting up to fifteen years. The long-lasting characteristic of dental crowns is due to the high quality and robust materials used to make them. Maintaining correct oral hygiene can increase the durability of your dental crowns and bridges.

Restores Tooth Structure and Function

Dental crowns help protect damaged teeth. Root canal treatment can make a tooth fragile, so crowns help in such situations. Dental bridges restore the functionality of your teeth. They cover missing teeth’ gaps, promoting normal chewing and eating. Replacing filling gaps also help improve your speech.

Promotes Stronger Teeth

Crowns and bridges prevent future teeth loss as they hold the remaining ones together. After tooth loss, your jawbone can degrade due to a lack of stimulation. Crowns and bridges stimulate your jawbone, preventing bone loss. Each tooth is held in place by neighboring teeth. Missing teeth can lead to teeth misalignment. Crowns and bridges prevent teeth from shifting by keeping them in place and enhancing stability.

Improve Oral Health

Broken and lost teeth can make it challenging to maintain your oral hygiene. You can experience bleeding of damaged teeth and empty gums if you brush or floss them too hard. The open gum can become swollen or tender if you have a missing tooth. Dental crowns and bridges prevent these issues and help you maintain dental health. Ensure you floss and brush daily to maintain oral hygiene.

Relieves Pain

After losing one or more of your teeth, you may experience pain while eating some food types. Pain can result from food particles in the open space or teeth shifting towards the empty socket. Dental bridges help to relieve pain completely. Broken teeth can be painful hence crowns protect broken teeth from further damage and ease comfort and sensitivity.

Dental crowns and bridges restore your natural smile, teeth structure, and functionality. Schedule an appointment at Advantage Dental Care for crown and bridge placement to improve your oral health.

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