Things to Avoid Before Microneedling


Skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, scars, stretch marks, fine lines, and wrinkles are common, especially with age. Fortunately, aesthetic treatments, including vampire facial Cypress, minimize the appearance of such concerns, giving you beautiful, younger-looking skin. This treatment induces your skin’s collagen production system by causing tiny pricks in your skin. It is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures due to its numerous benefits, including no downtime and fewer risks. During a consultation with your provider, they may caution against the following before and after treatment.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

You should stop using NSAIDs at least a week before your treatment session to reduce your risk of bruising due to internal bleeding. NSAIDs cause blood thinning, making internal bleeding likely to occur. Therefore, you want to avoid taking these medications seven days before your session to mitigate the risk of bruising after treatment. Ask your provider about the medicines you can take if you feel pain, soreness, or discomfort.

Nutritional supplements like fish oil, turmeric, ginger, and vitamin E are inappropriate before treatment since they cause blood thinning.

Certain hair removal methods

Shaving the treatment area the week before your scheduled session is okay, but avoid alternative hair removal methods like waxing, electrolysis, laser hair removal, or creams. These methods increase skin sensitivity; do not use them until eight days after your session. Although shaving is okay, you should avoid shaving the area on the day of your treatment to prevent skin irritation. If you choose to shave the night before your session, ensure your razor blades are sharp, use shaving cream, and moisturize your skin afterward.

Heat-based cosmetic treatments

Treatments like intense pulsed light therapy and laser treatments irritate your skin and cause skin sensitivity. During an initial consultation, your provider may ask you to avoid these treatments at least two weeks before your micro-needling session. Your specialist may also provide a comprehensive list of other treatments to avoid in the two weeks leading to treatment and the first seven days after your session. Other cosmetic treatments that may irritate your skin and you should avoid include chemical peels and physical exfoliation.

Ultraviolet damage

Do your best to avoid exposing your skin to the sun at least a week before your session. You want to avoid tanning beds and going out during hot afternoons. Wearing an SPF 30 broad-spectrum sunscreen can help mitigate your risk of sunburn. If you have to go out, consider wearing a wide-brimmed hat to cover your face from the sun. You can also minimize sun exposure by limiting your time outdoors when the sun is too hot.

Makeup and other cosmetics

If the treatment targets your face, you want to avoid applying makeup and sunscreen to your face on the day of your session. Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face before coming in for your appointment. If treating other body areas, wash with a mild soap that won’t cause skin irritation. Avoid experimenting with a new soap with a chemical you may be allergic to or sensitive to during treatment day.

If you are considering micro-needling, book an appointment with your provider at Balle Bliss Luxury Medical Spa to determine if you are a good candidate.

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