Struggling With Back Pains? Here Is Everything You Should Know About Lower Back Pain      


Did you know that over 80% of Americans experience lower back pain, one of the leading causes of job-related disability? Many people don’t realize this and risk yielding painful results that come along with it. The lower back is where your spine connects with the pelvis. While experiencing chronic low back pain, you feel powerless, immobilized, and weak. Luckily, Westfield lower back pain treatments can reverse all these effects, reconditioning the state of your spine. Here’s what there is to know about lower back pain.

What Is Lower Back Pain?

Also called the lumbar region, the low back is the area below your ribcage. Generally, the pain in your back mainly occurs because of muscle strains and joint sprains. The pain can suddenly occur or develop slowly over time. Lower back pain can signal other serious medical issues like bowel formation, kidney diseases, and bladder problems if left untreated.

What Are Some Main Causes Of Lower Back Pain?

Identifying the leading causes of lower back pain can be hectic because no diagnosis is conducted. Nevertheless, understanding some lower back pain causes might put you on the safer side. Here are some:

Back Injuries

Accidents highly contribute to long-term back pains. Once the spine is affected, it slowly weakens, and the lower back cannot carry the weight from the upper side of your body. At times this results from wearing and tearing the spinal joints causing immense pain.

Similarly, you can fall badly and affect your lower back in everyday tasks. This can cause a dislocation of a spine joint that can entirely affect your lower back.

Muscle strains and ligaments sprain

Lifting heavy weights and awkward movements can strain your back muscles and spinal ligaments. At the same time, while you strain your back, the lower back muscles stretch and tear off. Your sitting position also impacts your lower back health. Avoid sitting in positions that harm your spine, as it can elevate a permanent problem in your back.   Rest, exercise and physical therapy are some remedies that will help you avoid muscle stains.

Arthritis of the spine

Osteoarthritis affects your lower back by narrowing the space around the spinal cord. This condition is known as spinal stenosis and causes wear and tear in the lower spine. The degeneration of spinal joints breaks down the surrounding tissues making it difficult for your spinal joints to rotate.

Ruptured discs

Also known as the herniated disc, it acts as a cushion between the bones and the spine. The disc can rupture and press the nerve if you strain your back. However, the disc might not hurt immediately, but without frequent check-ups, it can compress nearby nerves and cause pain.

How Can You Relieve The Pain In Your Lower Back?

Taking adequate lifestyle precautions will help you overcome lower back pains. Avoid straining your back or prolonged sitting to safeguard your spine. However, if your condition deteriorates, seek professional medical help.

Dr Eric Whitehouse, DC, in Westfield, will treat any lower back condition hindering your productivity. If you want your spine to function effectively in the future, schedule your appointment today!

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