Straightforward Dental Implants Care Tips


Have you lost a tooth due to trauma or dental issues like decay? The dentistry field has significantly evolved, delivering innovative solutions designed to restore dental function and your smile. Today, with advanced technology, you can replace a lost tooth with an implant that looks and feels natural. Ardsley Implants are a great solution, helping you promote dental health, avoid jawbone degeneration, and improve your chewing, speech, and smile. While dental implants last long, you need to play your part in keeping them in great shape for years. Here are a few simple but practical tips to help you improve your dental implant care.

Limit or quit smoking and alcohol

You already know smoking and uncontrolled alcohol consumption impact your overall health. If you are looking for more reasons to quit, here it is; the habits can ruin your quest to spot a dazzling smile facilitated by implants. Smoking and excessive alcohol, especially after treatment, slow the healing process that typically averages 3 to 6 months. This means the implants can easily loosen, exposing you to more dental health concerns.

Brush and floss daily

Oral hygiene can’t be emphasized enough, with or without dental implants. An oral hygiene misstep could see you struggling with peri-implantitis. This infection eats the bone around the implants, loosening them. This affects the implant’s stability, impacting the surrounding teeth and your overall health. The gaps create a great environment for plaque and bacteria growth, especially since brushing and flossing may not reach such areas.

Avoid hard and sticky food

Being selective with what you eat is essential, not just when you get dental implants. Some items put excessive pressure on your implants, which accelerates the wear, and can even damage them and the neighboring teeth. Limiting or avoiding hard and sticky foods such as hard candies, dried fruits, and crusty helps keep the implants stronger and shining for an extended period, enhancing their functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Use the right tools and products

Is your toothbrush soft-bristled? How about the toothpaste and mouthwash; are they abrasive? While robust, hard-bristled toothbrushes and abrasive dental products can scratch the implants and cause discomfort, affecting your oral hygiene efforts. Options such as nylon toothbrushes are pliable and gentle, keeping them in better shape. As you buy oral health products, stick to sensitive items, including avoiding selections with intensive flavors.

Routine dental appointments

Dental implants can serve you for decades. Nonetheless, they are not a cure for all your dental problems, not to mention that they can also take a blow over the years. Scheduling and sticking to a practical dental checkup routine is essential as you strive to get the most out of the implants. The dentist can spot developing issues and recommend practical measures to stop them in their tracks, supercharging your dental care quests.

Dental implants are a great addition to your dental care as you strive to address concerns like tooth loss. The replacements don’t require special care, making it easier to maintain a healthy regimen. Visit Ardsley Dental Spa today for more on implants and how they can help improve your oral care.

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