Restorative Consultation for Hair Loss Issues

Hair Loss

The experience of hair loss can be embarrassing, leading to a reduced quality of life and fewer social interactions. There is always a solution through Lakewood Ranch support & consultation to restore your hair and allow it to regrow. Some treatments work best for every individual to give you the best outcome and dramatic results. You will get prescriptions and medications to stimulate hair growth and eliminate any previous signs of hair loss.

What is Hair Loss?

Also known as Alopecia, hair loss leads to the gradual loss of hair in the head, a condition affecting the scalp, either permanently or temporarily. There are many different causative factors for hair loss, which may lead to gradual loss. Sometimes the loss can be sudden, depending on the potential cause.

What are the Signs of Hair Loss?

Hair receding at your hairline may lead to thinning at the top of the head. It is a common type and affects a larger population of all ages. Another indication of hair loss can be circular and bald spots on your scalp. You may develop itchiness and pain before the hair eventually falls off.

What Increases the Risk of Hair Loss?

You may have conditions that lead to gradual hair loss, including genetics. Aging can also increase the chances of hair loss. Therapy involving radiation also lowers the chances of hair growing back to its original look. Additionally, excessive hair treatments and hairstyles may also cause the falling out of hair. Other factors can include hormonal changes, certain medications, and stressful events.

What should you expect from A Hair Loss Consultation?

Hair loss consultation becomes an issue at hand when your hair no longer feels the same and falls off. After noticing hair loss or any symptoms, your first step suggests you should visit a doctor who specializes in addressing hair conditions. You may need to answer a series of questions to help pinpoint the major issue and cause. It may involve family history, the onset of hair loss, your symptoms, and any illnesses.

What Follows after your Hair Loss Consultation?

The consultation establishes a proper toward correct diagnosis by identifying the problem. Your diagnosis will involve a series of tests, including blood tests, biopsy, and microscopy, to discover any disorders at the hair shaft. Blood tests aim to find any underlying medical conditions that may cause your hair to fall off.

What Treatments Can Manage Hair Loss?

Once there is a correct diagnosis, there are several different treatment plans. It may include hair transplantation using follicular unit extraction to restore hair to your head. Another treatment can involve regenerative medicine, which applies PRP to stimulate cells for natural hair growth. There are prescriptions for medications that can also stimulate regrowth and eliminate hair loss signs.

Regardless of what causes your hair loss, a team at Honest Hair Restoration is ready to solve your hair issues. The team is certified to give you medical solutions that address the specific root of the hair issue. Call or visit the facility for a consultation. You can also make an online appointment.

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