Reasons Why You May Want to Consider Having Lip Augmentation


Lip augmentation is the process of adding volume and fullness to your lips. Dr. John David Mullins can do this through injection, laser, or other methods. Lip augmentation can add a significant amount of volume to your lips without increasing your lips’ length.

The most common areas for lip augmentation are the upper and lower lip. Lip enhancement may also be used on the chin and cheek regions, making them appear fuller and more youthful.

There are several reasons why you may want to consider having lip augmentation. Some people see it as an alternative method for weight loss, which is especially important if you tend to gain weight or if you are taking medications that can cause weight gain.

Lip augmentation also offers many other benefits, such as:

Improving Appearance

The first benefit of lip augmentation is that it can improve the appearance of your lips, making them fuller and more appealing than before. The natural shape of your lips can be altered by having fillers injected into them to give them a more youthful appearance. Physicians use fillers to create volume in areas where volume is lacking or desired, such as around the mouth or nose area. The increased volume provides more definition and fullness for lips that had lost some natural fullness due to aging or other causes.

Reducing Wrinkles Around the Mouth

The lips are one of the most visible features of your face, so they can make a big difference in how you look and feel about yourself. Wrinkles around the mouth can make your face appear older than it is, which can be very unattractive. Lip augmentation can help eliminate unwanted wrinkles in these areas of your face and help give you a more youthful appearance overall.

Improving Self-Confidence

Lip enhancement can help improve self-confidence by making people feel more confident about their looks and appearance. The procedure will help them feel more confident when they go out in public and interact with others. It also helps them feel better about themselves as they will no longer have any doubts about their looks or face shape when they meet someone new or talk to someone else regarding personal matters like relationships etc.

Improving Facial Contours

When injecting silicone into your lips, there is no need for additional surgery because the silicone forms an airtight seal around your lips. Liposuction is not always necessary after receiving this treatment because the silicone can help fill in the areas where there is little or no fat in your lips, like nasolabial folds. It means that any excess fat or volume in those areas will be able to be transferred into areas where it is needed more (i.e., cheeks).

Preventing Aging

Our skin loses some elasticity as we age, which means it starts to sag more than it did when we were younger. Sagging can cause lines and wrinkles around our eyes and mouth and bags under our eyes (sagging). Lip augmentation can help prevent this by adding volume back into our skin where it has been lost over time through the natural aging process.

Lip enhancement is an excellent way to improve the appearance of a thin upper lip or thin lower lip that is not symmetrical in size. If you are considering lip augmentation, contact John David Mullins, MD, FACS, and schedule an appointment with a plastic surgeon for this procedure.

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