Reasons for Bariatric Revision Surgery

Bariatric Revision

Weight management has been and remains a sensitive concern. Besides the looks, weight impacts your overall health in many ways. Excess weight puts you at high risk of health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and osteoarthritis, to name a few. While keeping your weight at healthy levels is critical, it is not always an easy quest. Your exercise, diet, and stress management measures may not allow you to shed the extra pounds and keep them away. That is why many opt for bariatric surgery. At times, you may also need surgery revisions Frisco to realize better results.

Bariatric surgery promises and delivers effective results. Nonetheless, at times, you may need some revisions. While it might seem like extra work, pain, or stress, bariatric revision surgery offers many benefits that can turn your situation around. Among the top reasons to consider the revisions include:

Address insufficient results

Bariatric surgery delivers dramatic weight loss. Nonetheless, you may not realize as significant changes as you had hoped. You may also notice some weight gain over time, which may be due to new life stress, behavioral changes, or lifestyle choices. In such instances, the revisions provide a chance to address the unsatisfactory results. The revisions can further limit the stomach’s volume, helping you realize desirable and sustainable weight loss. You enjoyed some notable results with your first procedure, and the revisions can help you realize even better to match your goals and help you stay on track to avoid significant weight regain.

Deal with complications

Weight loss surgery is effective but can also expose you to certain risks and complications. You may, for example, be dealing with complications such as scar tissue or ulcers. In other instances, your nutrient absorption may take a blow, exposing you to other health concerns. The revisions allow you to address such complications and enjoy a more fulfilling life. You get to shed the excess pounds and eliminate the complications that may be causing you problems, making the revisions worth the time and money spent.

A change

You had a gastric band procedure and realized some results, but now you feel like you could achieve much better with a sleeve gastrectomy. You want the best results, and while the initial procedure delivered notable progress, you may do better with a revision. While not everyone is a good candidate for such revisions, if you are, you can realize more benefits as you switch to a more effective procedure.

Weight gain

Life happens; you may regain some or even more weight after some years. Even after dieting and exercising, you may not realize changes. Revision surgery can help you fast-track the process and strike your desired weight range.

Losing weight is never an easy task. Weight loss surgery may be your best bet as it can complement your efforts. The best part is that you can also include revisions to help you achieve even better. Once you lose excessive weight, besides being healthier, you will be more confident as you step out. Call or visit The Bariatric Experts today for more on surgery revisions.

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