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Raw food shopping has changed over the last few years. Where once it was impossible to buy raw food already prepared, it is now a lot easier with main major supermarkets stocking raw food items. When buying your raw food, of course, ideally you want it to be organic.

Look for the organic section in the fruit and vegetable sections; the price may be higher, however, you will need less of it as often it can taste fresher and retain more natural nutrients. I also recommend you look in the bargain section of the supermarket, as i often find organic food is discounted and becomes cheaper than non-organic fruit and vegetables.

Whilst raw food shopping in the supermarkets i recommend you look for the raw food section, increasingly the major supermarkets have raw food departments and stock: raw chocolate, Food Doctor raw seeds & nuts, sprouts (i recommend you use a sprout maker & make your own), nut butter, dehydrated raw snacks etc

The Best Place to Buy Raw Food Are

  • Organic Food Shops
  • Whole Foods Store
  • Health Food Shops
  • Local Farmers Markets

It is important that you buy fresh fruit and vegetables, hence i buy most of mine from the local farmers markets. This also means you buy seasonal produce. In the winter when its cold, you have more earth vegetables such as carrots, squash, whilst in the summer its berries and soft fruits. This also fits with the vitamins and minerals that you’re body naturally needs in each season.

I find some raw food recipes are really simple, but some have a lot of different ingredients, and by missing 1 ingredient it can make the difference between tasty raw food and well, lets put it this way, even my dog wouldn’t eat it! For example, the other day I replaced white cabbage for purple cabbage and forgot the cashew nuts in the Vitamix Thai Soup recipe! 

So, always remember to take a raw food shopping list!

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