Improve Your Chance of Becoming Pregnant

Becoming Pregnant

It can be heartbreaking and stressful when you want to start a family but cannot conceive. You are not alone, over six million women in the US struggle to get pregnant. Different factors may be the reason for your infertility, including age, abnormalities with the reproductive organs, and underlying medical conditions, to name a few. The good thing is there are effective treatments to increase your chances of getting pregnant. The New York Noble Fertility Center focuses on providing fertility solutions to help you conceive and grow a healthy family. This article will highlight some of the available services.

Egg freezing

It is a method to preserve your eggs for future use. Your provider will observe you closely to find the best time to harvest your eggs. They may give you special medications to stimulate the ovaries in producing eggs and enhance their maturity.

You may need regular follow-ups to monitor your egg’s development and maturation. Once the eggs are mature, your provider uses visual guidance to obtain the eggs from the ovarian follicle and goes ahead to freeze them.

You can store your eggs for up to 10 years. The egg freezing method is safe and excellent for people choosing to have children at a later stage. This fertility treatment is recommendable as it prevents you from having problems conceiving at an advanced age.

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

IVF is among the most common and highly successful fertility treatments. It improves your chances of conceiving and can prevent the passing of genetic issues to your baby.

Your provider takes the woman’s eggs and introduces them to sperm in a lab to enhance fertilization. After the embryo forms, your provider transfers it to the woman’s uterus to enhance implantation and pregnancy.

You can benefit from in vitro fertilization if you have the following:

·         Endometriosis

·         Poor ovarian reserve

·         Problems with other fertility treatments

·         Planning for surrogacy

·         Egg or sperm freezing

·         Damaged fallopian tubes

·         Recurrent pregnancy loss

·         Advanced age

·         Planning to use donor eggs or sperm

Egg donation

Egg donation involves using donated eggs to increase your chances of conceiving. Your provider uses donor eggs and your partner or donor sperm for fertilization in a lab and then transfers the embryo to the uterus to enhance pregnancy.

You may consider egg donation if you have the following:

·         Advanced reproductive age

·         Ovarian failure

·         Disease

The egg donation may be from an anonymous person or someone you know. Your provider takes them through thorough screening and evaluation to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.


Cells may divide unevenly in the embryo, causing embryo fragmentation. The embryo fragmentation decreases the chances of pregnancy.

Embryoplasty is a procedure to remove the fragments in the embryo and preserve its viability. Your provider uses micro-surgery to remove the fragments and preserve your embryo’s health.

The technique improves the quality of your embryos, increasing their chance of developing into a pregnancy.

If you are struggling to get pregnant, do not give up yet, there are fertility treatments to help you get through it and conceive. Contact Noble Fertility Center today to schedule your consultation and make your dream of starting a family happen.

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