How Well Do You Know Monalisa Touch Treatment


Women are more likely to develop reproductive complications, especially as they grow old. The changes in the hormonal level in females are responsible for the conditions in their reproductive system. For instance, the fall in hormonal levels triggers the development of thinner, inelastic, dryer vaginal walls. Women having these vaginal changes usually experience pain during intercourse. Therefore, they should seek effective medication to restore vaginal health. Dr. Kalpana Desai provides an efficient remedy through vaginal rejuvenation that can help improve their lifestyle. The following are important things worth noting about the Monalisa Touch in vaginal rejuvenation.

Who should Get this Treatment Procedure?

Any female in their post-menopause and perimenopause can undergo this treatment. Also, females with breast cancer and vaginal dryness can seek these treatment procedures.

How does it Operate?

The Monalisa Touch involves the application of laser heat and some slight muscular contractions along with the vaginal tissues. The use of laser heat allows deep penetration, which boosts the creation of new collagen and increases blood flow, thus smoothing and strengthening the vaginal tissues.

How long does the Monalisa Touch Procedure Last?

The normal course involves the application of three procedures spread over eighteen weeks. Most females reap the benefits from this procedure after a single or three treatments. To maintain the reduction of the symptoms, you should have a regular annual checkup.

What are the Benefits of the Monalisa Touch procedure?

Here is why this procedure should be your number one option;

It is Quick

This procedure is non-surgical; thus, it takes less time to complete. Besides, the procedures do not have downtime during the recovery. Therefore, you can easily return to normal activities after the procedure. However, you should avoid intercourse for five days after therapy.

Customized Treatment

The Monalisa Touch can be personalized to meet the needs of each patient. If you are experiencing particular symptoms, such as vaginal discharge, the specialist can offer the tailored treatment that best suits you.

Reduced Pain

The procedure is less invasive, implying that you will feel little to no pain. Also, the specialists usually apply the numbing cream, thus easing any possible itching sensation during the treatment.

Diverse Treatments

The Monalisa Touch is not restricted to the treatment of a single condition. It helps address widespread medical conditions concerning the vagina, such as urinary incontinence, dyspareunia, and atrophic vaginitis. The treatments using this procedure will help to reverse those vaginal conditions.

Boosting Women’s Self-Esteem

The reduced sensation during intercourse can lower women’s self-esteem and confidence, which may negatively affect their relationships. However, the Monalisa Treatment tightens the vulvar tissues increasing sensation and boosting their sexual life with their partners.

It is Safe

The cases of side effects are rare when you opt for this treatment procedure. The possible tenderness in the treated areas usually lasts for a short time. Therefore, the Monalisa Touch procedure is reliable and safe.

Have you been experiencing some vaginal conditions resulting from hormonal changes? You should no longer worry since I have great news for you. At  Integrated Family Medical Center, Kalpana Desai, MD, offers customized care for vaginal conditions, thus restoring the patient’s lifestyle. Book an appointment today and visit the facility to receive efficient services.

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