How Dental Implants Can Benefit Your Health


According to Forbes, the number of Americans with implants is about 6%, but the number will increase to 22% by 2026. The introduction of dental implants about 50 years ago was necessary since there was a need for an alternative to dental bridges or dentures. Dental Implants Jasper is a quality option for fixing your oral problem than the other two dental procedures. The procedure is for you if you have lost your tooth because of an illness or injury that can lead to dental issues such as rapid loss of bone jaw, impaired speech, and an uncomfortable chewing pattern.

Consequently, below are how dental implants can be beneficial to your health.

Improves your nutrition

Once you have missing teeth due to an injury or a dental disease, it is challenging to maintain a healthy diet. That is because your diet may primarily involve soft foods to avoid hard foods that, when you grind and chew, can cause you intense oral pain.

When you do not eat certain foods, you are not getting all the different nutrients your body requires for proper functioning.

Dental implants allow you to resume regular eating habits within a few days or a week.

Prevent further loss of jaw bone

Without a tooth or teeth, your jaw bone in the existing gap often degenerates because there is no stimulation. Therefore, if you do not get an implant within the first 12 months of losing a tooth, the exposed jawbone area will lose about 25% of its density. In the subsequent years, the loss of the jawbone will worsen.

A dental implant replaces the tooth and its root, restoring your normal chewing, vital for naturally stimulating jaw bone growth.

Provide stability to adjacent teeth

When you have missing teeth, the surrounding teeth often shift or tilt toward the open space. The shifting of the teeth can cause them to weaken, affecting your chewing and the appearance of your smile.

Dental implants can prevent your remaining teeth from trying to invade the space left by missing teeth. Thus, the surrounding teeth remain stable, safeguarding you against more teeth loss or other dental issues.

Prevent a sagging face

Your teeth assist in stabilizing your jaw and adjacent bones, which helps give your face its usual structure. When you have missing teeth, the support your teeth provides weakens, leading to the sagging and drooping of your facial structure, as often observed in older people.

When you undergo a dental implant procedure, it can stop your face from sagging as it provides the same support as your natural teeth. You will not look older and have premature aging signs, including wrinkles near the mouth.

Preserve your natural speech

Missing teeth and dental and a tooth replacement option such as dental dentures put you at risk of incorrectly pronouncing words and speech alteration.

But dental implants function and feel like natural teeth and thus do not affect your speech.

Safeguard against gum disease

The gap left in your mouth due to a missing tooth often attracts bacteria and food particles that lead to gum infections.

Dental implants eliminate the opening and also discourage plaque buildup and cavities.

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