Effective Treatments for Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins

If you have visible and protruding veins on your legs, you might have varicose veins. The veins may not be painful or have symptoms, but you might not like their appearance on your legs. We all value and are proud of smooth and flawless skin; however, varicose veins may not be what you need on your legs. Seeking a medical evaluation may help restore your smooth legs. The Sebring varicose vein treatment specialist at Florida Lakes Spa offers an effective solution to eliminating your varicose veins for good. Continue reading for more details on how to treat varicose veins.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins appear as twisted and enlarged veins on your skin surface. They may also appear in purple or blue veins in your legs.

Usually, varicose veins might not cause pain or any discomfort. However, you need a medical evaluation to determine their cause and treatment.

Besides not causing any symptoms, varicose veins are not good-looking, which may make you uncomfortable, affecting your self-confidence.

While varicose veins may not cause any severe effects to some people, they may indicate a health problem. When not treated, it may lead to complications such as blood clots.

You can find relief from varicose veins using home remedies or by visiting your medical provider at Florida Lakes Spa. The team focuses on improving your appearance and well-being.

What are the available treatments for varicose veins?

There are various available treatment options for varicose veins. Though, sometimes you may not need treatments for varicose veins, especially if they do not bother you, you shouldn’t ignore them.

Your provider may suggest the following to eliminate your varicose veins.

  1. Wearing compression stockings

Compression stockings exert pressure on your veins to allow them to push blood to the heart. Usually, you should wear them all day and remember to elevate your legs severally during the day. The stockings should not feel tight.

  1. Over-the-counter medications

It includes inflammatory medicine to relieve pain and swelling.

  1. Sclerotherapy

It involves your provider injecting a unique chemical into the damaged vein. The chemical causes the walls of the veins to collapse, eventually causing the closing of the vein.

  1. Laser treatment

It involves directing the laser energy to the affected vein. The vein disappears over time. Laser treatments treat small varicose veins and require several treatments to achieve your desired results.

  1. Radiofrequency ablation

It includes a catheter-assisted technique that uses radiofrequency energy to destroy the varicose veins, causing them to close.

After destroying and closing the damaged varicose veins, blood reroutes to the nearby veins for a smooth flow to the heart.

Where you do not find relief with noninvasive treatments, your provider suggests removing the varicose veins using surgery.

Your provider also advises on ways to prevent varicose veins in the future, including;

·         Avoiding sitting or standing for long periods

·         Regular exercise

·         Healthy lifestyles

·         Wearing compression stockings or socks

If varicose veins keep you from showing off your legs, please find medical help today. There are effective treatments to remove varicose veins and restore your appearance. Contact Florida Lakes Spa today to schedule your consultation.

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