How Depression Can Impact Your Body


Depression is on the rise, particularly among adolescents and young people around the world. Depression can have an impact on more than just your mental health. Even your physical health can be affected by it. As a result, you may experience mood swings and a long-lasting feeling of despondency. For more than a week, you may be showing indicators of severe depressive disorder. The good news is that you can get help for the symptoms. It is possible that a trip to the depression Financial District could be beneficial if you suspect depression and require assistance. Let’s take a look at some of the physical effects that depression can have.

Weight Loss or Gain

People who are depressed may notice a decrease in their hunger. Weight gain or loss can occur as a result of this.

Medical professionals believe that weight loss in people with depression might lead to heart problems, exhaustion, or even affect their ability to conceive. Obesity can lead to health glitches, including heart disease and diabetes if it is caused by depression.

Chronic Pain

The majority of people who have suffered from depression for a prolonged period of time may suffer from unexplained pain and discomfort. Headaches, muscle and joint discomfort, and breast tenderness are all possible symptoms.

Your condition may worsen if you suffer persistent pain while depressed and do not seek immediate care.

Cardiac Disorders

In order to make positive life choices, you need to be highly motivated. You may become unmotivated and unfocused when you are depressed. Having a bad diet and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to heart disease, especially if you start.

Depression has been linked to a number of heart health issues that affect many people. A depressive disorder affects as many as one in five people with coronary artery disease or heart failure, according to research.

Sleeping Problem

It is common for depression to cause insomnia or difficulty sleeping. This encounter might have a detrimental impact on your life and leave you feeling fatigued all the time. There is a good chance that your physical and mental health will suffer as a result of this.

Medical professionals believe that a lack of quality sleep can lead to a variety of health issues. When you are depressed, your risk of acquiring diabetes, several cancers, high blood pressure, and weight-related problems increases.

Sexual Health Conditions

Libido is reduced when you are depressed, which might influence your sex life. If your libido is low, you may have difficulty getting aroused, have less enjoyable orgasms, or maybe have no orgasms at all.

When one of the partners in a relationship is suffering from depression, it can have a negative impact on their sex life.


Chronic stress and depression, according to some studies, can impair the immune system by causing inflammation in the body. Depression has been linked by other researchers to the development of chronic inflammation.

The development of inflammatory conditions like arthritis, IBS, and type 2 diabetes is more common in people who are depressed.

Recognizing the symptoms of depression and seeking treatment as soon as possible can help you live a healthier life. If you are in need of assistance, contact David Salvage, M.D., FAPM, or make an appointment online to talk about your condition. You’ll get the support you need to keep your health in check.

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