Critical Information Regarding Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

In recent years, there have been cases of breast cancer. To prevent cancer from spreading, the patients undergo mastectomy. However, after this procedure, the person would suffer from low self-esteem since most women view breasts as a source of their beauty. To recover their self-esteem and balance between the two breasts, an individual can perform reconstructive plastic surgery. If you are suffering from this condition, best East Windsor, NJ breast reconstructive surgeon is the best solution for you. Before having breast reconstruction, you should understand the following.

Factors that affect the nature of reconstruction

Before having the reconstruction, the specialist considers the following factors.

·         The person’s age

·         Your health and lifestyle.

·         The person’s preference and desired appearance.

·         The past surgeries the patient has had made it hard to take a flap from the belly. Examples of these surgeries include abdominal surgery.

·         Whether the patient will require more breast cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.

·         The lumpectomy or mastectomy the patient had and the number of remaining tissues.

·         The patient’s body shape.

Types of reconstruction

The following are the common ways to create a new breast.

·         Combining the patient’s tissue and implant

·         Using the tissue taken from the other part of the patient’s body.

·         Using implants to replace all or some of the breast tissues

Things to ensure before having breast reconstruction

 To help an individual recover faster, the person should embrace the following things.

Quit smoking

Smoking can destroy some of the blood tissues. Furthermore, it increases the chances of an individual suffering an infection. If you are smoking and the tissue is taken from the abdomen, the person can have a higher risk of suffering from a hernia.

Be physically active

You should engage in activities that affect the tummy or abdomen. For instance, you can carry out approximately 30 sit-ups daily. You should ask the specialist for the best exercise based on your condition.

Maintain the correct weight

An obsessed person can have a higher risk of suffering from anesthetic complications. You should ensure that you maintain a healthy diet and engage in measures to maintain a healthy weight before the operation.

Questions to ask the surgeon

Before the surgery, you can ask the surgeon these common questions.

·         The risks and benefits associated with varying surgery types.

·         How the surgery will affect you.

·         What the surgery will involve.

·         The surgeon’s experience and expertise.

Advantages of reconstruction

The following are the benefits of reconstruction.

·         You can have a breast contour.

·         The process would help the individual’s breast to look natural under clothing.

·         It would help the person to stop using the form in the bra.

·         It would boost the patient’s body image and self-esteem.

·         It partially removes some of the physical reminders of the disease.

·         The patient will have fewer operations, thereby requiring few anesthetics.

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