Chopped Up Egg – A Feel Good Egg Recipe

Chicken Eggs

Cheap recipes based around eggs are a great treat that are so simple to make. Eggs are great source of protein and have a plus point of being cheap and easily accessible. All you need is a pan of cold water, common ingredients from your kitchen and voila. Chopped Egg or “Chocked up egg”, as I once called it, can pick you up when you’re feeling under the weather or fill a small gap when a just a simple light bite is required.

Laying the Foundations

  • To get the job done for 2 people (or one hungry sole), you’ll need 2 large eggs, butter, black pepper, and salt.
  • Grab a small pan and add your eggs. Fill the pan with enough cold water to just cover the surface of the eggs and add to a hob with high heat. Take a pinch of salt and scatter it over the eggs.
  • Once the water starts to boil, set a timer for 7 minutes and reduce heat slightly and allow for the yolk to firm up. Don’t worry about a dry texture resulting from hard-boiled yolk as the butter will counter-act this.
  • When the time’s up, carefully remove the eggs from the pan using an egg spoon and take care when removing the shells.
  • Add the eggs into a bowl, add butter (a couple of dollops should do it but, it’s up to you), and chop with a teaspoon until the butter mixes throughout.
  • Add some pinches of salt and black pepper then chop through again to even it through.

Now Eat

That’s it! You can add this as a filling between 2 pieces of toast with a thin slice of cheese. Or you eat it like it is as a small tasty snack. Still hungry? Next time use another egg or 2 medium eggs.

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