Birth Control Facts that Will Surprise You


Birth controls allow you to make proper family plans and decide when you want to get pregnant. Choosing an option is tough but is exceptionally a personal choice. Whether you want to begin or are already using a contraception method, there are so many myths and misinformation about different birth control options that are confusing. However, it would help if you worked with medical experts like the Forest Hills birth control specialists to get accurate information about the topic. Remember that the more you know about birth control options, the easier the decision becomes.  Here are some facts about birth control you might not know.

There is No Prove that Birth Control Affects Your Sex Drive

You might have heard that some birth control options like the ring and the pill lower libido. Current research has not found any relationship between such hormonal methods with decreased/or increased sex drive. There has not been a significant difference between women taking these options and those who do not. However, some women on these contraceptives have experienced increased sex drive, and you ought to talk to your doctor when that happens. Your provider can help you understand if other factors are contributing and help you decide if you will switch.

IUDs are the Most Effective

Different birth control options have different effectiveness rates, but intrauterine devices (IUDs) have been the most effective way to prevent pregnancy. This option involves your doctor inserting t-shaped devices in your uterus. The devices can be hormone-based or copper-based. They have been found to produce only one pregnancy in a hundred women every year, making them 99% effective.

Most Women Choose the Pill

Most women in the United States opt for the pill birth control option. About 26% of all contraceptive women rely on the birth control option. The option closely behind the pill in popularity is tubal sterilization, with about 25% of women using it. But options like IUDs are also very popular in other countries and remember that they have a very high effectiveness rate.

You Can Prevent Pregnancy Permanent

If you are done giving birth or are generally not interested in having children in the future, there are several permanent options for you. As a woman, you can have your tubes surgically tied, which is referred to as tubal ligation. This involves blocking your fallopian tubes to stop fertilization since the eggs will not meet with the sperm. For men, vasectomy remains the best and only permanent option to prevent pregnancy. It involves cutting and sealing the tubes responsible for carrying sperms.

Unintended Pregnancies are Possible

Even if you are on a birth control option, it is good to understand that the unexpected can happen. So many children have occurred unintentionally, mainly due to birth control errors. That is why you should be careful when choosing your contraception option to ensure you choose a more accurate option. Some options require consistency and your efforts to work, while others are not regular. A simple mistake with birth control options like taking the pill at different times can increase your chances of errors. Therefore, ensure you stick and stay consistent with the method you choose to avoid pregnancy.

If you are wondering which birth control option is right for you or need more information about a particular contraception method, get in touch with the specialists at Raveco Medicine. Use the online tool or make a call to learn more.

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