Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Benefits of Ozone Therapy

You may be familiar with ozone as the gas that lines the Earth’s stratosphere and blocks harmful UV radiation from the sun. The use of ozone in alternative medicine to treat a wide range of diseases dates back many decades. More and more applications are being found for ozone treatment as more people learn about its many advantages. Ozone therapy is becoming an increasingly popular area of study, mainly since there is an unprecedented need to find effective treatments for respiratory diseases and infections caused by bacteria that have developed resistance to conventional antibiotics. Ozone treatment from your reputable professional, Dr. Carmelle Aliza provides the following benefits:

Your immune system may benefit from ozone therapy

Several studies have shown that ozone therapy may improve immunological function by decreasing oxidative stress. Inflammatory disorders like arthritis and Crohn’s disease may benefit from the immunomodulatory effects of ozone when taken internally. Ozone is an antioxidant that has been shown to boost antioxidant enzyme activity and help treat inflammation. Because ozone treatment stimulates the body’s endogenous anti-inflammatory responses, it may benefit those who suffer from chronic inflammatory disorders. The main benefit of ozone treatment is that it facilitates the body’s ability to heal itself.

Antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal properties

Bacteria have gradually developed the ability to withstand the effects of antibiotics. Researchers are always trying to identify new strategies to prevent and cure bacterial, viral, and fungal illnesses. Ozone has antimicrobial qualities, according to ongoing research. Some cases of acute bacterial disease respond well only to ozone treatment. Ozone may eliminate an infection caused by a tick bite in at least 48 hours. Every year, particularly in December, viral diseases like the flu torment the population. Ozone treatment, it should be noted, has shown promise in combating a wide range of illnesses.

Remedying breathing problems

Breathing issues are notoriously hard to treat. By increasing the blood’s oxygen content, ozone treatment eases the burden on the respiratory system. Researchers at Italy’s University of Siena studied ozone therapy’s impact on people with COPD. Patients’ capacity to exercise and their quality of life were both improved by ozone treatment.

Repairs damaged brain tissue

Following a stroke, oxygen to the brain is suddenly cut off. The term “penumbra” describes the part of the brain that suffers injury. Restoring oxygen levels soon is the best line of action for minimizing collateral harm. Intriguingly, research conducted in 2012 discovered that supplying the brain with a mixture of oxygen and ozone gases halted further damage and restored the brain to its normal condition.

Lower recurrence of heart attacks

Ozone treatment has shown promise in preventing cardiac complications, including arrhythmias and tissue death, and lowering the likelihood of a patient having a second heart attack. Ozone treatment seems most effective when utilized as soon as possible; the sooner it is given, the better the outcome.

When performed correctly, ozone treatment is a risk-free process with several advantages. Due to the potential for adverse reactions, ozone treatment is best administered by a physician with special training and significant expertise in its application. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible to determine whether ozone treatment is good for you.

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