Applications of TempSure Treatment


Aging comes naturally. No matter how healthy our lifestyle habits may be, at some stage, it wears off. However, no one said you cannot remove some of that loose skin and still get your glow back. Improvements in technology have brought about TempSure Marion treatments, a non-surgical yet effective and safe procedure. Smooth that fine line around your eyes, and rejuvenate your feminism with this quick treatment. TempSure works gently to heat your skin while stimulating collagen response to give you radiant and glowing skin.

What should you know about TempSure?

The skin may loosen at some point in life because of its inability to produce collagen quickly. Therefore, you may need a skin-fixing treatment. TempSure treatment uses radiofrequency to reduce wrinkles while improving how your skin looks. The treatment does not require a surgical procedure, commonly known as non-invasive. TempSure treatment can address cellulite, wrinkles, and laxity in the skin and rejuvenate the female self.

What are the Types of TempSure Treatments?

The TempSure treatment may come in two forms, TempSure Envi and TempSure Firm. The two differ because TempSure Envi involves radiofrequency energy for heating the skin. TempSure Firm, on the other hand, applies radiofrequency energy and special massage to address skin concerns. Both treatments are non-invasive, with no injections and surgeries involved.

When can you Consider TempSure Treatment?

The treatment can address different skin conditions, and you may be the right candidate if you want to achieve the following.

Treating Facial Concerns

Sagging skin may develop on your face, making you a good candidate for TempSure. The radiofrequency energy fixes the loose skin and minimizes wrinkles and smile lines.

Skin Improvement on the Body

Apart from your face, you may have loose skin in other parts of your body, a good reason to seek TempSure treatment. You can discuss with your doctor what parts of your body the treatment can fix.

Smoothing Skin around your Eyes

The eyes are much faster in developing lines than other body parts. Radiofrequency energy from TempSure treatment can smooth out the skin around your eyes, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Rejuvenating the Feminine Self

TempSure treatments offer comfortable heat to women for improved blood circulation, thus increasing lubrication.

Are there Side Effects to TempSure Treatment?

There are minimal side effects, and since the treatment does not involve surgery, the side effects are temporary. You may experience redness which typically goes away within a day. The treatment area may have sensitivity, minimal swelling, and a heating sensation.

How long before you can Notice Results?

One session may be all you need to get renewed, finer and tight skin. Most results are noticeable after you complete the treatment. As time goes on, so do your results. Therefore, you will notice improvement. Your doctor may recommend up to 6 sessions to give you the best desirable results.

Visit Marion Ob/Gyn Inc. to get your share of tighter, refreshing skin. The facility records a team of experts and professionals who can help you attain that beautiful look you want. They will create a customized treatment plan depending on your aesthetic goals. You can also visit the website and request your appointment to enjoy this treatment today.

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