Anxiety Disorders and What They Entail


The health of your body and the quality of life can be severely affected by your mental state. These issues can be easily ignored as they do not usually exhibit symptoms that can be easily identified as problematic. Their lack of many physical symptoms is also a deterrent to dealing with these issues. These issues are of multiple types, including anxiety North Chelmsford. Anxiety has many types with various causes, which are discussed below.

What are Anxiety Disorders?

Anxiety is a normal sensation experienced by most people. This only becomes a problem or disorder if they happen regularly and are intense and extreme with persistent fear and worry about everyday issues. This includes typically frequent episodes of sudden sensations of severe anxiety and terror achieved within a short period.

These anxiety attacks disrupt your daily life as they are hard to control and not proportionate to the reality of the situation and stay for extended periods. You may need to avoid situations that encourage these feelings. This problem can start when young and carry on into adulthood.

Signs and Symptoms

These include:

·         Feelings of impending danger, doom, or panic

·         Being restless, nervous, or tense

·         Breathing rapidly

·         Elevated heart rate

·         Trembling

·         Sweating

·         Difficulty thinking or concentrating on any activity 

·         Feeling tired or weak

·         Having gastrointestinal issues

·         Difficulty sleeping

·         Having the urge to avoid situations encouraging your anxiety

·         Challenging to control your worry

Anxiety disorders are of many types, including:

Anxiety Disorder Due to a Medical Issue

This involves symptoms of extreme panic or anxiety associated with going through a physical health issue.


This disorder involves fear making you avoid situations that result in panic and feelings of helplessness, being trapped, or being embarrassed.

Panic Disorder

This problem involves multiple scenarios of sudden sensations of extreme fear or anxiety that culminate within minutes. This can also come with shortness of breath, heart palpitations, or incoming doom. These attacks can make you worry about them recurring or how to avoid situations that involve them.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

This has excessive or persistent worry and anxiety concerning events with routine problems. You are likely to take the situation out of proportion, making it hard to control how it affects you physically. It can come together with depression or other anxiety issues.

Separation Anxiety Disorder

This issue occurs when you are a child, and its anxiety severely affects development as the child cannot be comfortable without their typical parental figures.

Selective Mutism

This is a persistent failure of children to talk in particular settings like in school while they can communicate well in comfortable scenes like at home with family members. This can adversely affect school or social functioning.

Social Anxiety Disorder

This involves extreme levels of fear, anxiety, and avoidance of social settings due to self-consciousness, embarrassment, or worry that you may get judged or seen negatively by people.

Anxiety can easily be disguised as a lack of confidence, but it is a serious problem with potentially adverse effects on your health or quality of life. For any questions concerning anxiety disorders, check our website, or call our offices in North Chelmsford, MA.

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