Advantages of Porcelain Crowns


Damaged, weakened, or decayed teeth are not good for your oral and overall health. In most cases, the named concerns affect not only your appearance but also the functionality of your teeth, thus impacting your general and oral health. Weakened or damaged teeth restrict the type of food you consume because you experience sensitivity and pain while chewing, resulting in inadequate food or nutrient intake. Suppose your teeth are decayed or damaged, and you want their function and appearance restored, Novi porcelain crowns are a good answer to your woes. Below are a few benefits of porcelain crowns.

·       Improves the appearance of your mouth

Apart from porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations improving your dental function, they also enhance your appearance giving you the best possible impressive outcomes. In most cases, dental porcelains are available in different shades giving you various options from which you can select the best shade that matches your existing teeth. When creating a porcelain crown for your teeth, the health care providers ensure the material used looks just like your natural existing teeth, and someone can hardly tell you have a dental device added.

·       Improves the function of your teeth

Even though most people are concerned with how they look when using porcelain crowns, functional benefits should also be considered. The primary benefit of having a porcelain crown is to help your teeth chew food while still protecting the interior sensitive parts of your teeth. They help restore decayed or damaged teeth by allowing them to chew and crush food. It still improves your overall health for years to come. The fact that your dentists do not have to remove your teeth, including the healthy part entirely, is also an advantage because once the unhealthy parts of your teeth are removed, porcelain crowns cover the remaining portion of the teeth to prevent food and bacteria from entering the interior of your tooth.

·       They are affordable

Porcelain crowns are commonly preferred by many because they are available at a fair price compared to gold and silver crowns. Similarly, a crown made of silver or gold is not as aesthetically attractive as a porcelain crown. You can also tell when one has a gold or silver crown creating attention which is not what all people want. Even though resin crowns are a bit cheaper than porcelain, the problem is that they do not last long and require frequent restorations, which are added costs.

·        Biocompatible and safe

Porcelain is a safe and compact material for your mouth and the rest of the body. Even though it is also possible for some individuals to experience a reaction to metal crowns, it is usually not the case with porcelain crowns. The potential complications that might arise from using porcelain crowns are close to none. The potential risks you might experience are slight sensitivity after adding a porcelain crown and slight discomfort.

Modern dentistry has enabled your care providers to restore the function of damaged, weakened, or decayed teeth without removing them. Therefore, if your damaged teeth prevent you from chewing food effectively and you want to do away with the discomfort, you still retain your teeth. Call Novi Family Dentistry today and book an appointment and have porcelain crowns to improve the appearance and function of your teeth.

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