4 Major Benefits of Sculptra Aesthetic

Benefits of Sculptra Aesthetic

The older you get, the more likely the skin loses its youthfulness as the body reduces collagen production. However, you can regain confidence thanks to cosmetic treatments like Sculptra. Kingwood Sculptra is an injectable dermal facial treatment option that fills up the skin, giving it a younger look.

From clearing wrinkles to being hypo-allergic, its benefits outdo most cosmetic treatments on the market today. Luckily, if you are in Kingwood, this treatment option is closer to home, and you get to enjoy youthful skin much longer.

Below are some of the unbeatable benefits you can anticipate after the treatment.

1.      Restores facial volume

After receiving the injection, it stimulates your skin to produce collagen. That is the compound responsible for your skin’s firmness and youthful look. More collagen production increases your skin’s volume, giving you a fuller look.

Consequently, facial fullness diminishes wrinkles on the cheeks, forehead, eyes, or lips. The fullness gives the face a more natural lift and shows more defined contours, radiating youthfulness.

2.      Long-lasting effects

Compared to other injectables, Sculptra treatment gives more long-lasting effects. You may require a series of injections, maybe three or four, spaced out monthly for effective results. That is because everybody reacts differently to treatment, so the number of injections will vary.

The body takes time to produce more collagen, so it could take a few weeks or months to enjoy full results. However, once the skin generates the collagen and fills out the face, these results could last you for two years or more. So, even if you choose not to get another treatment at the end of two years, you still get to maintain the effects.

3.      Ability to resume your everyday activity

Most people love this procedure for its flexibility. You could leave your office over the lunch hour, get the treatment, and return right on time. It only takes 30 to 45 minutes to get the injection, and you will immediately be back on your feet.

Of course, you’ll have a series of injections to complete your dosage and guidelines to enjoy full results, but it doesn’t limit your movements. Also, after you finish the dosage, there’s no need to keep going back for booster treatments. You’ll be free for the next two years, should you choose to get another shot.

4.      No allergy concerns

Lastly, another of its powerful benefits is that Sculptra treatments contain a synthetic compound, Poly-L-Lactic Acid, which dissolves naturally in the skin. That way, once the compound stimulates the production of collagen, then its job is complete, and it leaves the body.

Consequently, there are no allergic reactions with other body compounds, unlike with most dermal treatments on the market today. However, it’s advisable to disclose any allergies before the beginning of any procedure.

You envy having youthful skin for the better part of your life. Sculptra is a healthy hack to achieving this dream. The specialists at Natural Obsession Aesthetic offer Sculptra treatment and are ready to walk with you throughout the journey to a beautiful you.

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